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# [https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-survive-after-nuclear-war-what-to-eat-2020-1 A full-scale nuclear winter would trigger a global famine. A disaster expert put together a doomsday diet to save humanity.] - Business Insider 238
## [https://www.businessinsider.sg/how-to-survive-after-nuclear-war-what-to-eat-2020-1/ Business Insider Singapore] 16.1k
# [https://www.heaven32.com/ciencia/un-invierno-nuclear-a-gran-escala-desencadenaria-una-hambruna-mundial-esto-es-lo-que-comeriamos/ Un invierno nuclear a gran escala desencadenaría una hambruna mundial. Esto es lo que comeríamos] Heaven 32
# [https://www.diarioconstitucional.cl/articulos/tratado-de-noproliferacion-nuclear-2020-hacia-una-crisis-profunda Tratado de No-Proliferación Nuclear 2020: ¿hacia una Crisis Profunda?] Diaro Constitucional 210k (Spanish)

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