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777 Big Money Project

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| [https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-cryogenic-flask-with-clamping-rod-107263 Cryogenic Dewar Flask with clamping rod]
| [https://www.zoro.com/chemglass-dewar-flask-1900ml-borosilicate-cg-1593-04/i/G5973633/ $350 1900ml Commercial Equivalent for Cryogenic Dewar Flask]
| This Cryogenic Dewar Flask comes with adjustable lids for various sizes of round bottom flasks and a retort stand for clamping other glassware. Overall cost savings sums up to ~90% for the entire package. | Contributors - Abhijeet Patil, Saurabh Karanke, Shubham Jain
| [[image:Calculator_Cover.jpg|200px]]


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