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Scrub Brush

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# This is a scrub brush for cleaning what ever is is that needs a little elbow grease. It costs a fraction of commercially available scrub brushes. In less developed regions cleaning tools such as a scrub brush are indispensable. This brush is also customizable allowing any size brush to be made easily for any application. It is printed using a bridging technique. <ref> Spyder Byte – Bridging Techniques, SPYDER3D (Dec16, 2014) Available: </ref> For the strongest brushes it should be printed horizontally with support but can be printed without support in the vertical orientation. This project was inspired by other fully 3d printable bristle designs <ref> Nail Brush - Fully 3D printed! , Turbo_SunShine (Jan 14, 2019) Available:</ref> <ref> Bouldering Brush v2, Turbo_SunShine (Feb 7, 2019) Available:</ref> <ref> Room Broom - Spyder3D World, 3DKreashunz(July 7, 2018) Available: </ref> <ref> Dust Brush & Pan (Fully 3D Printable), Superbeasti (Oct 1, 2019) Available: </ref> <ref> Bridging: 3D Printed Paint Brushes - Spyder3D World, 3DKreashunz (July 7,2018) Available: </ref> <ref> Master Jedi YodaHawk - Spyder3D World, 3DKreashunz (July 7,2018) Available: </ref> . Note, some of these designs such as the broom are not OSATs as they are more costly to print than their commercial equivalents.
# Picture of completed print using your printer [[Image:Wood_WorkingClamp_Parts.png----|200px|right]]
== Bill of Materials==

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