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Use Li-ion Batteries Instead of Alkaline

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# Solder short wires to the battery terminals.
# Wires should wrap around, under the battery holder, to a hollow area where the Li-Ion protection circuit can be mounted. Solder the wire from the positive battery terminal to the contact marked B+ on the board, and solder the wire from the negative battery terminal to the contact marked B- on the board.
# Power will come out of this board on the P- and P+. Solder 1 short wire to the P+ pad, and 2 short wires to these padsthe P- (Ground) pad.
# We'll run these output wires underneath the board, and out the side, where our regulator circuit can be mounted.
# Take one of the P- wires, and solder it to the GND (center) pad on the regulator.
# Solder the wire from the P+ pad to the Vi (Volt in) pad on the regulator.
# Finally, solder a wire to the Vo (Volt out) pad on the regulator - this is the positive output for the circuit. The remaining wire, soldered to P- on the protection board, is the negative output terminal for the circuit.
# Place a charged 18650 battery in the battery case, observing polarity and making sure the battery makes contact with the spring clips in the holder.
# Recommended: Using a multimeter, measure the voltage and polarity on the output terminals. Polarity should be as expected, and you should be getting very close to 3 volts from the circuit.
# Connect the output wires to your consumer device, where the battery would normally go. Look for indications on the battery box for the correct polarity. The negative terminal will usually be a spring, and the positive terminal is often sticks out as a non-moving metal button. You may use solder to secure this connection, or press the conductor securely between the metal connector and the plastic edge.
# After testing, use an adhesive to secure circuit boards in place. Double sided tape may be a good choice, to mount the 18650 battery holder somewhere on the electronic device it's powering.
==== Assembly Overview / Demonstration video====


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