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Use Li-ion Batteries Instead of Alkaline

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# Picture of completed print using your printer [[Image:Wood_WorkingClamp_Parts.png|200px|right]]
====BOM / Non-Printed Components====
These components are also needed in the Ringbearer design:
{| class="wikitable"
! | Quantity
! Name
! Description
! Unit cost
|Spring type battery connectors
|Steel spring style battery connectors are preferred, for ease of use and reliability. These are inserted and soldered to in the 3D printed 18650 cell holder. They're available from many sources, with a name like "Metal Batteries Spring Contact Plate". Alternatively, purchase an individual 18650 cell holder, approx. $0.35 US
|$0.04 US
|M3x ~5mm screws
|Used to attach stepper motor to motor mount
|$.01 (or scavenge from your local computer enthusiast)
|...or other microcontroller capable of controlling the raising/lowering of LED ring as desired
|Stepper motor driver
|Used to easily drive stepper motor from microcontroller
== Bill of Materials==


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