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Climate action

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=== Climate emergency ===
A climate emergency declaration or climate emergency plan, declaring a state of climate emergency, has been issued since 2016 by certain countries and other jurisdictions to set priorities to mitigate climate change. states Climate emergency declarations in 1,191 jurisdictions and local governments cover 290 million citizens, as of 14 November 2019 <ref>[]</ref>
The term “climate emergency” has been promoted by climate activists and pro-climate action politicians to add a sense of urgency for responding to a long-term problem''See separate article''. {{W|Climate emergency declaration}} *Framework and resource to help councils with their climate emergency response, []. A framework and resource to help other councils with their climate emergency response from Darebin City Council in [[AustraliaClimate emergency]], posted on [] on 9 August 2019*The Emergency, [ Extinction Rebellion], includes information and comment on: :*'Human activity is causing irreparable harm to the life on this world':*'We’ve been warned again and again…and again':*'Nature Loss':*'Insect die-off':*'Global Heating: Greenhouse Gases, Our emissions are still increasing!":*'Air Pollution':*'Drought and (water) Scarcity':*'Rising Seas':*'Ocean Acidification':*'Sea ice (disappearance)':*'Water Pollution':*'..losing our soil':*'Food Insecurity':*“Faster than expected” (climate change):*'Feedbacks and Tipping Points'
=== Climate change fairness, justice and peace ===

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