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Climate action

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*Framework and resource to help councils with their climate emergency response, []. A framework and resource to help other councils with their climate emergency response from Darebin City Council in [[Australia]], posted on [] on 9 August 2019
*The Emergency, [ Extinction Rebellion], includes information and comment on:
:*'Human activity is causing irreparable harm to the life on this world'
:*'We’ve been warned again and again…and again'
:*'Nature Loss'
:*'Insect die-off'
:*'Global Heating: Greenhouse Gases, Our emissions are still increasing!"
:*'Air Pollution'
:*'Drought and (water) Scarcity'
:*'Rising Seas'
:*'Ocean Acidification'
:*'Sea ice (disappearance)'
:*'Water Pollution'
:*'..losing our soil'
:*'Food Insecurity'
:*“Faster than expected” (climate change)
:*'Feedbacks and Tipping Points'
=== Climate change fairness, justice and peace ===

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