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Climate action

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* [ Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning]
== Events ==
'''Feb 2''' [[World Wetlands Day]], ''2020: Sun'' <br clear=all>
== What individuals can do==
''See separate article'': [[Climate news]]
== Events ==
'''September 21''' - Zero Emissions Day <br>
[] <br clear=left>
'''March 28, 2015''' - Earth Hour! 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time.<br>
Eteignez vos lumières! La Hora del Planeta! Famously started as a lights-off event in [[Sydney]], [[Australia]] in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage more than 7000 cities and towns worldwide / Earth Hour 2014 Video 60 sec on [ youtube], [], [ facebook]
[[File:Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Protest at Tufts University.jpg|120px|left]]
'''February 13 and 14, 2015''' - Global Divestment Day, "Let’s make fossil fuels history." <br>
The actions during the Global Divestment Day will be wide-ranging and diverse. Individuals are gearing up to close their accounts with banks and pension funds investing in fossil fuel companies. University students are planning to hold flash-mobs, vigils, sit-ins and rallies calling upon their endowments to invest in a liveable future. Faith leaders and people living on the frontline of climate change are banding together to urge their communities to divest from climate destruction. Together, all these people around the world will make one message loud and clear: it’s time to make fossil fuels history. / [ Fossil Free]
== Resources ==

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