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Climate action

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Wikipedia: Climate emergency declaration {{W|Climate emergency declaration}}, Climate crisis {{W|Climate crisis}}, [[wikipedia:Abrupt climate change|Abrupt climate change]], [[wikipedia:Adaptation to global warming|Adaptation to global warming]], [[wikipedia:Climate change and poverty|Climate change and poverty]], [[wikipedia:Climate change mitigation|Climate change mitigation]], [[wikipedia:Climate justice|Climate justice]], [[wikipedia:Effects of global warming|Effects of global warming]], [[wikipedia:Glossary of climate change|Glossary of climate change]], [[wikipedia:Index of climate change articles|Index of climate change articles]], [[wikipedia:Individual and political action on climate change|Individual and political action on climate change]], [[wikipedia:R20 Regions of Climate Action|R20 Regions of Climate Action]], [[wikipedia:Tipping point (climatology)|Tipping point (climatology)]], [[wikipedia:Category:Climate change and society|Climate change and society]] (category), [[wikipedia:Alternatiba, Village of Alternatives|Alternatiba, Village of Alternatives]]
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