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Climate action

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→‎Why it matters: Climate emergency
Because of the time lag in the carbon system, and due to our past emissions - we are still going to experience a certain level of climate change. Even if we stopped all emissions tomorrow we would expect another 30-40 years of temperature rise, and more than a century of sea-level rise. <ref> Climate change is happening now - world needs to respond urgently, [ Defra], April 6 2007 ''(link not found May 2015)''</ref>
=== Climate emergency ===
A climate emergency declaration or climate emergency plan, declaring a state of climate emergency, has been issued since 2016 by certain countries and other jurisdictions to set priorities to mitigate climate change. states Climate emergency declarations in 1,191 jurisdictions and local governments cover 290 million citizens, as of 14 November 2019 <ref>[]</ref>
The term “climate emergency” has been promoted by climate activists and pro-climate action politicians to add a sense of urgency for responding to a long-term problem. {{W|Climate emergency declaration}}
=== Climate change fairness, justice and peace ===

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