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Climate action

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A community based emissions reduction currency scheme is a C4 type local currency in which local currency issues are backed by the emissions reductions of the schemes members. The local currency, when accepted for trade by other members or local businesses, thereby rewards participants for their efforts at global warming prevention. These currencies may have various degrees of convertibility into carbon saved, renewable energy, or national currency. {{W|Emissions Reduction Currency System#Community based currency schemes}}
== Low Carbon Communities ==
The Low Carbon Communities network is a UK based network of communities and organisations working to halt global warming as far as is possible. {{W|Low Carbon Communities}} / [ Low Carbon Communities]
== Open CO2 ==
Open CO2 is a project to help crowdsource open carbon accounts for local communities worldwide. It can also be about carbon literacy, encouraging ourselves to learn more about what the available data might show.
Open local carbon accounts would help make possible [[Participatory carbon budgeting]]. ''See separate article:'' [[Open CO2]]
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== Participatory carbon budgeting ==
The idea is to combine two other ideas: participatory budgeting {{W|Participatory budgeting}} and a carbon budget for an area, typically a large town or city. ''See separate article:'' [[Participatory carbon budgeting]]
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