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Prusa SL1 Resin Funnel

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== Abstract ==
The goal of this project is to make a funnel that for pouring used resin back into the bottle. There is a space for a filter to be inserted as well since there are sometimes chunks in used resin. This funnel is modeled after the funnel that came with the Prusa SL1 printer. It will be used in the OSHE lab at Michigan Tech. There is a funnel stand as well so the chance of getting resin on your hands decreases. There are two types of funnels. The one is completely round and the other has several straight edges. This is because my Athena printer doesn't handle completely round edges great. The funnel stand hasn't been printed since it was a last minute extra thought. All .scad files and .stl files are uploaded on thingiverse and nih. The links can be found below.
== Bill Of Materials ==
== Cost Savings ==
# Cost to print: ~ $0.34 in PLA filament
# [ Retail in Polland ~ $0.91 not including shipping]


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