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|image:Bld-asst-III-10-apetsiuk.jpg|[[Low-cost open source ultrasound-sensing based navigational support for visually impaired]]
|image:Ystruder.jpg|[[Ystruder: open source multifunction extruder with sensing and monitoring capabilities]]
|image:Osgran.png|[[Open Source Waste Plastic Granulator]]
|image:ctscan.png|[[Expanded microchannel heat exchanger: Non-destructive evaluation]]
|image:Openscience.jpg|[ From open access to open science: The path from scientific reality to open scientific communication]
|image:Osgran.png|[ Open Source Waste Plastic Granulator]
|image:Fff-poc.png|[ Polymer-derived SiOC Replica of Material Extrusion-based 3-D Printed Plastics]

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