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!<center><big>Juergen Steupert/big></center>
|<center>[[Image:993D3A93-7F28-451B-84D6-22895D721F38 1 100 o.jpeg|200px]]</center>
|Welcome to my page - Come back soon to see more cool 3D printing
Double Major in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, minor in German. Hobbies: Ice Hockey, camping, hiking, snow statues
== Professional Experience ==
Stryker Medical: Electrical Engineering developing and executing tests on next generational EMS stretcher
Plexus Corp. Quality Engineering Intern
Looking for a full-time position in the Medical Device Industry
== Open Source 3-D Printing Class ==
=== My Mini Projects===
|Image: | My 3-D Printer!
|Image: | Print Bed Slip Error
|Image: | [ Customizable Cup]
|Image:|[ RockWall Hold Link on Thingiverse]
|Image: |[ Screen Cover on Youmagine]
|Image:|[ Celtic Phone Stand on Youmagine]
=== Big Projects===
{{User OSH}}
{{User 3D printing}}

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