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MSE4777 Viking mashup project

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* Register with a free account at
* Choose a random household item- either design or find item on
* Using [[FreeCAD]] decorate item with Viking Animal+Celtic knots. You can even use [ designs from Vikings]* Then try the mini-assignment again using or use [[Blender]] to decorate item with Viking Animal+Celtic knots.* Print your 2 designs with appropriate infill for item.* Upload both designs to Youmagine (STL,source and photograph) with a <u>brief</u> description of how you did it with sources.* In Appropedia gallery below add your 2 images image and 2 hyperlinks hyperlink to your designs on Youmagine
* Choose your best design from the mini projects - the one you want graded on: '''Bring printed design to class''' – put your name on the paper slip and <u>the class you are in</u> and tape it to your design so that it will not come off! You can also bring your print in a bag with your name on it or in it. You can drop the print off in the box outside Dr. Pearce's office (504 M&M).

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