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!<center><big>Michael Warburton</big></center>
|Introduce yourself and your interests.
Include professional biographyMy name is Michael Warburton. I am a Michigan Tech student. Grew up and still live in Rochester, Mi.
I am a project engineer for an oem supplier for GM and Chrysler.
Really only interested in my dog.
== Past Work Relevant to Appropedia ==
List and link to other projectsMichigan Tech Student. Part of the MSE4777 Open Source 3d Printing Class.
== Open Source 3-D Printing Class ==
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===Proof of Print Build Online Students===
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!<big>RepRap Show and Tell</big>
=== Everyone's Mini Projects===
|Image:ReprapmhwMcpippenprinter.JPG | A picture of your my operational 3-D printer|Image:Visual_markers_failed_print_slip_base_apGameboyrockwallhold.jpg|[[3D_Printing_Failure_Database]] example (make sure to email documents to Alex - at least 1 but can submit more than 1 for additional chances at filament)|Image:AAH_Rock_Wall_Project.JPG png |[ 3907887 Link to your my rockwall mini assignment on Thingiverse]|Image:RecycleboxScadclipcustom.jpg png |[ 3907901 Link to your my customizer mini project on Thingiverse]|Image:ScreencoverVikingpostit.png|[ box Link to your screen cover my Viking mini project on Youmagine]|Image:Mjolnir_HandleLenscoverwithhandle.jpg png|[ Link to your Viking mini my screen cover project on Youmagine]|Image:Failedclip.JPG|[[3D_Printing_Failure_Database]] example
|Image:Save-the-world-game2Pcsnew.jpgPNG| [ Putty Exercise Tools], [Title of your Educational project here] Commercial Equivalent]|Image:ProbesBottleroller.jpgJPG | Bottle Roller, [[Title of your science project here NIH Link]Print Cost: $3.18 Total Cost~$65.18 Retail Cost ~$1000-$5000]|Image:3dpdeerNutcrackerosat.jpg| [[Title of your OSAT project here]Project: Nut Cracker]|Image:SkisetFlashMount.jpgJPG| Softbox Flash Mount, [[Title of your Big Money project here]]|Imagehttps:Delta//| [[Title of your Grad Delta Mod or automated sci project here]107296]


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