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Community involvement

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[http://transparency.globalvoicesonline.org/ Technology for transparency network]
=== Other Reources Resources ===
*[http://wiki.commonstransition.org/wiki/A_Charter_for_Democracy A Charter for Democracy] on Commons Transition Strategies Wiki (''creative commons license'')
*[http://civicactivism.buildingchangetrust.org/default.asp Civic Activism]
*Regulation on collaboration between citizens and and the City for the care and regeneration of urban commons, [http://www.comune.bologna.it/media/files/bolognaregulation.pdf comune.bologna.it]
*Who Ya Gonna Call? [http://slowdemocracy.org/blogslowdemcracy/2013/6/12/who-ya-gonna-call-deliberative-democracy-resources Deliberative Democracy Resources]
*[https://www.wd-pl.com/ Wise Democracy Project]
=== Quotes ===

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