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Community involvement

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== What communities can do ==
* create or develop Location, projects or networks pages, eg 'Sustainable (Your town)', '''in this wiki'''
* [[Participatory carbon budgeting]]
* promote and practice [[Open conference design]]
* advocate [[Open involvement]]
== Events ==
'''Oct 17 - 24''' [[Pop Up Tomorrow]], ''2019, Thu-Thu''<br clear=all>
== Why it matters ==
[ Technology for transparency network]
=== Other Reources Resources ===
*[ A Charter for Democracy] on Commons Transition Strategies Wiki (''creative commons license'')
*[ Civic Activism]
*Regulation on collaboration between citizens and and the City for the care and regeneration of urban commons, []
*Who Ya Gonna Call? [ Deliberative Democracy Resources]
*[ Wise Democracy Project]
=== Quotes ===
=== Video ===
{{#widget:YouTube|id=5mxldI71h0k}} <br>''See also:'' [[Extinction Rebellion]]
''More video:'' Edgeryders - LOTE4: The Stewardship on [ Vimeo] - [ Representative democracy] - [ Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web], video on - Getting back to Government Is Us, [ youtube], 2010 - Dan Mcquillan at mypublicservices, [ youtube], 2009
=== [[Visions ]] === Radical Visions of Future Government, [] ''(date not found)''
CTRLShift 2019 on [ vimeo]
== Interwiki links ==
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Participatory democracy|Participatory democracy]], [[wikipedia:Open-source governance|Open-source governance]], [[|.green]], [[wikipedia:Participatory budgeting|Participatory budgeting]], [[wikipedia:Participatory planning|Participatory planning]], [[wikipedia:Participatory justice|Participatory justice]], [[wikipedia:Public participation|Public participation]], [[wikipedia:Coproduction (public services)|Coproduction (public services)]], Popular assembly {{W|Popular assembly}}

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