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Forest gardens

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[[Agroforestry]] is the intentional integration of agriculture (crops, livestock) and forestry (tree crops). Six main agroforestry practices are recognized: [[alley cropping]] (crops grown in between rows of trees), [[riparian forest buffers]] (natural or re-established strips of trees, shrubs and grasses), [[silvopasture]] (livestock grazing under trees), [[windbreaks]] (linear tree plantings to reduce windspeeds and create a sheltered microclimate), and forest farming (discussed below). Some recognize forest gardening as a main practice of agroforestry, but most agroforestry institutions do not.
'''''Forest Farming'''''
This is a type of agroforestry closely related to the idea of Forest Gardening. However forest farming tends to use only 2 or more species. There are usually only 2 species involved compared to the extensive range of species in a forest garden. Examples would be farming of shiitake mushrooms on logs under a carefully managed canopy layer.
==Potential benefits==
Compared to conventional methods, food forests may:

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