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Community involvement

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== What communities can do ==
* create or develop Location, projects or networks pages, eg 'Sustainable (Your town)', '''in this wiki'''
* [[Participatory carbon budgeting]]
* promote and practice [[Open conference design]]
* advocate [[Open involvement]]
== Events ==
'''Oct 17 - 24''' [[Pop Up Tomorrow]], ''2019, Thu-Thu''<br clear=all>
== Why it matters ==
A comprehensive case study of eight municipalities in Brazil analyzing the successes and failures of participatory budgeting has suggested that it often results in more equitable public spending, greater government transparency and accountability, increased levels of public participation (especially by marginalized or poorer residents), and democratic and citizenship learning. {{W|Participatory budgeting}}
== Participatory carbon budgeting ==
''See separate article:'' [[Participatory carbon budgeting]]
== Participatory democracy ==
[ Technology for transparency network]
=== Other Reources Resources ===
*[ A Charter for Democracy] on Commons Transition Strategies Wiki (''creative commons license'')
*[ Civic Activism]
*Regulation on collaboration between citizens and and the City for the care and regeneration of urban commons, []
*Who Ya Gonna Call? [ Deliberative Democracy Resources]
*[ Wise Democracy Project]
=== Quotes ===
=== Video ===
{{#widget:YouTube|id=5mxldI71h0k}} <br>''See also:'' [[Extinction Rebellion]]
''More video:'' Edgeryders - LOTE4: The Stewardship on [ Vimeo] - [ Representative democracy] - [ Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web], video on - Getting back to Government Is Us, [ youtube], 2010 - Dan Mcquillan at mypublicservices, [ youtube], 2009
=== [[Visions]] ===
Radical Visions of Future Government, [] ''(date not found)''
CTRLShift 2019 on [ vimeo]
== See also ==
*[[Community and voluntary action]]
*[[Community resources]]
*[[Extinction Rebellion]]
*[[Maps for community action]]
== Interwiki links ==
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Participatory democracy|Participatory democracy]], [[wikipedia:Open-source governance|Open-source governance]], [[|.green]], [[wikipedia:Participatory budgeting|Participatory budgeting]], [[wikipedia:Participatory planning|Participatory planning]], [[wikipedia:Participatory justice|Participatory justice]], [[wikipedia:Public participation|Public participation]], [[wikipedia:Coproduction (public services)|Coproduction (public services)]], Popular assembly {{W|Popular assembly}}

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