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Testing! --[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 22:21, 1 May 2019 (PDT)
::It verks! Fer now. -[[User:Roger|Roger]] ([[User talk:Roger|talk]]) 22:24, 1 May 2019 (PDT)
== Anti-spam ==
:::::Secondly, thanks for the access key. I managed to access the CleanTalk "dashboard". I can see that many instances of new user creation are being denied by the software. Everything seems to be working fine. I am slightly confused about how a "false positive" will be brought to attention. Let us take the scenario where a genuine user wishes to start a new account, and the software for some reason denies registration... how will that individual contact anyone on appropedia to remedy the situation if they never have successfully created an account in the first place? I think you need to have a user account before you can email an admin or post on the village pump for example. [[User:Moribund|Moribund]] ([[User talk:Moribund|talk]]) 12:44, 12 June 2019 (CDT)
::::::Thanks for letting me know about the email situation. I'm glad you were able to read some emails, at least. I only found out about it when I wasn't getting emails and saw some in spam, then checked the message headers. Hopefully the fix will act as a further precaution.
::::::As for the CleanTalk dashboard, the only way to identify false positives is through manually inspecting the blocks. The tradeoff is less time spent filtering spam, but more time spent making sure nobody legit is getting blocked. Good point on them not being able to talk to us without an account. I'll add the webmaster email to the signup page so that humans can email us in case of a false positive. -[[User:Roger|Roger]] ([[User talk:Roger|talk]]) 18:36, 13 June 2019 (CDT)

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