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Hexayurt playa checklist

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Recently, 3" bidrectional tape has been used to cut costs, and foil tape helps out in a variety of applications. See the [[ tape]] discussion for more.
#'''Mail Order 240 yards or less of 6" bidirectional filament tape''' such as [ 3M 8959] "Extreme Applications" packaging tape, 6" wide. AKA as "T.R.U. WOD FIL-835B/D." 6" is not a standard width, it usually costs around $30 plus shipping. 5" tape is perfectly good. For certain steps, you can use 3" which is half the price and a lot easier to work with. 3" tape for foil tape is ideal for sealing the panel edges during preparation--in fact, you can seal the edges with quite a few tapes. Foil tape has also proven nice for tape-sealing. If you are employing the "classic construction" approach, you will seal all panel edges prior to assembly: that step alone takes 132 yards of tape.
You also use the [ tape calculator spreadsheet] to figure out exactly how much you need.
#* [] sold as "T.R.U. WOD FIL-835B/D Transparent Bi-Directional Filament Strapping Tape: 60 yds." $3334.4798/roll Free Shipping #* http aka GoodBuyGuysDistributor Tape. They've been helpful to Vinay, they know what you want the tape for and sell a good product at fair prices. $2732.99 per 6" roll, they also now have [http html 3" wide tape], and case prices as well-$215230.92 70 for a case of 8 rolls.#* [http Findtape496598562,] sold as "JVCC 762-BD Bi-Directional Fiberglass Reinforced Packing Filament Strapping Tape." $2829.99 per 6" roll, plus every other width imaginable, case pricing (36 count) available.
#* [] has 3",4", 6" tapes. 6" for $38.72/roll, discount pricing starts at 6 rolls (smaller than case sizes above!)
#* One supplier is Tapes Unlimited, 1245 Hartrey Ave, Evanston, IL (847) 866-6060. They do not have a web site. But they know Hexayurts and are very helpful.


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