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June: update
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[[File:Wed on bikes.jpg|100px|left]]
'''Jun 5''' [[World Environment Day]], ''2019, Wed'' <br clear=leftall>
[[File:320px-US Navy pick up trash World Oceans Day.jpg|100px|left]]
'''Jun 8''' [[World Oceans Day]], ''2019, Sat'' <br clear=leftall>
[[File:Biological and technical nutrients (C2C).jpg|100px|left]]
'''Jun 8 - 12''' [[Open Source Circular Economy Days]], ''2019, Sat - Wed'' <br clear=leftall>
[[File:320px-Teens sharing a songHappy children, India.jpg|100px|left]]'''Jun 16 - 2212''' [[Global Sharing WeekWorld Day Against Child Labour]], ''2019, Sun - Sat- Wed'' <br clear=leftall>
[[File:320px-Teens sharing a song.jpg|100px|left]]'''12Jun 16 - 22''' - World Day Against Child Labour {{W|World Day Against Child Labour}}. Annual event. [[Global Sharing Week]], ''2019, Sun - Sat'' <br clear=all>
'''17''' - World Day to Combat Desertification {{W|World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought}}. Annual event. []

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