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{{305inprogress|May 23, 2019}}
We can all work on this part together The Greenhaus Rainwater Catchment System is introduced to CCAT through ENGR 305:)Appropriate Technology. The purpose of the system is to supply water over the summer to the Greenhouse plants through the Storage Tanks and the Hugelkulture bed through the Overflow. The building and supplying of the system are simple and easily, for the system consists of only 8 parts! The parts being: Catchment Surface, Gutter, Filtration, First Flush, Conveyance, Storage, End Use, and Overflow. This system is designed to ensure Appropriate Technology standards that are locally sourced, communally accessible, and environmentally less harmful than conventional, industrial water systems in the United States. 
Outside CCAT sits a sloping glass greenhouse. Many changes have occurred in and around the structure during its time at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology including separation from the main building, construction of a new wall using beach grass as insulation, and a floor reconstruction that's occurring concurrently with our project to build a rainwater catchment system for the greenhouse. CCAT wanted a rainwater catchment system to be built off the greenhouse to catch the rain that would just run down the building and into the ground beneath below. The water captured from the rain will ensure that the plant life at CCAT will be adequately watered when necessary.

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