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Zane Middle School classroom hangout area

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==Discussion and next steps==
This project has transformed a normal middle school classroom into an inviting and engaging area for students to read, hangout, and get inspired. The classrooms reading area contains the reading pod and tree bookshelf. It is in the corner furthest from the door to minimize noise pollution from outside. The reading pod serves as a quiet space for students to comfortably read or study in. The tree bookshelf may inspire the students to become creators.
The hangout area is located on the adjacent corner of the reading area. This space is used as the hangout area because it is closest to the door and noise pollution is not a problem. This area contains bucket seats and a chalk board for students to express themselves through art, play interactive games, or collaborate in their studies.
Next Steps:1) Provide chalk for students2) Provide activities for student to engage in while using the hangout area
== Suggestions for future changes ==


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