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Fruiting depends on variety, and occurs from August Mid July to October.<ref name=crawford2016 /> Fruit ripens over several weekson the plants.<ref name=crawford2016 /> In Oklahoma, the berries are picked in the weeks following the July 4th weekend.
The best time to harvest is when the fruit is almost ready to fall off.<ref name=seymour2014 />Sometimes the fruit can look ripe in colour, but taste very sharp, needing slightly more time on the plant to ripen. Pick only the plump, firm, fully coloured berries. The fruit will not continue to ripen more once picked. Cooking may improve flavour however. Once picked, the blackberries need to be eaten within a few days. Some varieties keep slightlybetter than others.
When harvesting blackberries, watch out for chiggers (also known as berry bugs, see Trombiculidae{{w|Trombiculidae}}). These are small mites that can cause rashes and itchiness when they bite.

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