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==Hybrid Berries==
The distinction between blackberry and hybrid berry cultivars can be blurred. Hybrid berries are the result of crossing between various ''Rubus'' species, typically blackberries and raspberries.<ref name=bird2011 /> The creation of such hybrids can be a complex story, and in modern times the exact parentage of some are disagreed upon. The Marionberry for example has a complex parentage. A blackberry–raspberry hybrid was crossed with a dewberry to create the Youngberry{{w|Youngberry}} (hexapoloid, with red berries). The Youngberry was crossed with a Loganberry (a Dewberry - Raspberry hybrid with dark red berries) to create Olallieberry{{w|Olallieberry}}. Another hybrid, Chehalem blackberry is a cross between the Himalayan blackberry and the Santiam berry, which is itself a cross between the California blackberry and the Loganberry. Olallieberry and Chehalem have been crossed to produce the very widespread Marionberry (currently the most common blackberry cultivar). There is a hybrid variety with Boysenberry in Australia called Silvanberry. Despite their parentage involving plants other then than blackberries, the Marionberry and Silvan berry Silvanberry tend to be considered blackverriesblackberries, while the following tend to be considered hybrid berries.
* [[Boysenberries|Boysenberry]] (Unclear origin. Possibly parentage involves European raspberry (''Rubus idaeus''), European blackberry (''Rubus fruticosus''), American dewberry (''Rubus aboriginum''), and loganberry (''Rubus × loganobaccus'')

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