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PV Efficiency/Optimization
*A 43.2kW grid connected PV system was was designed and its performance at local climate conditions was simulated.
===[ Solar energy under cold climatic conditions: A review☆]===
This paper presents an extensive review of solar-energy-based technologies and research work conducted under cold climatic conditions. These conditions include mountainous, continental, cold oceanic and polar climates and in general, all climates where below Zero temperatures are common
during the winter.
*Energy issues will dominate the world situation during the 21th century. The increase in the CO2
concentration in the atmosphere and the consequences in terms of climate change are expected to be
*Solar energy has been mostly developed in hot sunny regions, but research on them in cold climates is still developing.
*Solar Cells have better efficiency at colder temperatures.
====Solar Energy use under cold conditions: review====
*Covers Building Optimization, Historical Building integration, Greenhouses for solar/thermal, solar thermal collectors, solar cooling, and solar combined with other energy supply solutions.
*This review highlights various research studies conducted recently on the use of solar energy under cold conditions.
*On a general basis, most of these studies demonstrate that developing solar energy is an advantage even under cold climates.

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