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Engr305 Appropriate Technology potential projects

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2019 projects
Engineering 305 (Engr 305), Appropriate Technology, is a course on [[appropriate technology]] at [[HSU|Humboldt State University]] taught by instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]].
== Selected projects for Spring Semester 2018 2019 ==Please also see the related projects notes under potential projects as well.  == Projects for Spring Semester 2018 == * [[CCAT greenhouse rainwater 2018catchment]]** Rainwater upgrade ** Resizing, labeling, gutter, testing, cleaning, pumping** Read [[CCAT rainwater 2017MEOW 2019]], [[CCAT rainwater catchment system]], and more on [[Rainwater]] to get started. *[[Jefferson Community Center native pollinators landscape]]**Begin working on this right away - at the beginning of the semester to design scope and plan**Get plan approved and native plants in ground before spring**Work on signage, curriculum, and/or outreach for the remainder of the project/semester** Read [[Jefferson Center Native Plant Park Part II]], [[Jefferson Community Center edible landscape]], and more from [[:Category:Jefferson Community Center]] (you will also make a landing page for that category some time this semester) to get started *[[Engr305 project with Bart 2018]]**[[Willow Basket Parabolic Solar Cooker]]**[[Earthen Solar Cookers]]**[[The Parabolic Wheel of Revolution!]]**[[Stadium Light Solar Cookers#Use Of Stadium Light Reflector As A Wash-Basin and For Heating Water]]**Read on many of his past projects *[[Loleta Elementary rainwater]]**Read on the many [[Rainwater]] projects and also http://www.pequals.com/at/riodell_rainwater/index-2.html.**Try to bring the HCOE on board to facilitate classroom integration. *[[HSU CCAT outdoor solar suitcaseshower]]**Read on [[Photovoltaics]] including [[Engr 305 solar learning station]], [[UTC photovoltaic learning station]], and [[Practivistas solar 2015CCAT yurt roof 2019]] to get started *[[Cooperation Humboldt vertical gardenCCAT rocket mass cobb bench heater]]*[[Cooperation Humboldt otherCCAT greenhouse water reclamation]]**Read on [[Lazy gardening]], [[Sunny Brae Middle School Garden]], [[Locally Delicious school garden]], and [[Zane Middle School garden update]] to get started. Plus watch https://www.ted.com/talks/ron_finley_a_guerilla_gardener_in_south_central_la.  
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