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: My name is Aubrey Woern, I am a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University. I am also a research student in the MOST research group, and former president and current member of the Open Source Hardware Enterprise. Through the MOST research group, I am working on sintering metal composite PLA to make completely metal parts, recycling various plastics to make filament with, printing directly from reground pellets with the Gigabot X, and injection molding with 3D Printed Polycarbonate molds. Through the enterprise, I am working on my senior capstone project to make a high temperature 3D printer that will be completed in Spring 2019 when I graduate.
== Interests ==
My interests include: 3D Printing, Sustainability, Electric Vehicles, Alternative Energy, Robotics, CNC Machining, and basically anything DIY.


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