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Your question, and Alexander Technique: Format
Btw, I'm favorably inclined towards the Alexander Technique, personally. If I'd explored this and/or Feldenkrais rather than going to physiotherapists for years, I'd probably be much better off.
An Australian physiotherapy professor was quoted as saying something like "In physiotherapy we follow the best available evidence, but the best available evidence isn't very good." And in my own experience, I was given unhelpful advice for decades from physiotherapists and other manual therapists, based on an old orthodoxy (overemphasis on pulling shoulders down and back, which in my case aggravated a nerve) and that ultimately led to frozen shoulder. (Obviously there a lot more to it, and I don't dismiss manual therapists - it's just that some cases are not suitable for most therapists. My current physiotherapists specialise in neck and shoulder conditions and have a deep expertise, and I'm doing much better.) -- [[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] ([[User talk:Chriswaterguy|talk]]) 17:59, 13 January 2019 (PST)

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