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Understanding the need for new housing across England

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CPRE believes that in responding to household growth public policy should become less dominated by trend-based projections and take greater account of the implications for future lifestyles, quality of life and the quality of the environment. This requires a new approach to housing supply which takes as its starting point the Government's Sustainable Development Strategy and the recognition that development must respect environmental limits. Based on an understanding of the environmental capacity of places to accommodate new development and persistent regional disparities, this approach could take greater advantage of opportunities for urban renewal to meet wider social, economic and environmental objectives.
== Community-led housing in the UK ==
In the UK, community-led housing currently constitutes less than 1% of housing stock. There have been attempts to stimulate increased growth, with mixed results. The most commonly known forms of community-led housing include: community land trusts, housing cooperatives, self–build, cohousing, and self-help housing. A range of legal models are in use in the UK to enable the delivery of community-led schemes. There is currently no legal definition of community-led housing. A draft definition was developed and presented for discussion in the House of Lords in March 2016 in relation to the Housing and Planning Act, where it was not progressed. {{W|Community-led_housing#Community-led_housing_in_the_UK}}
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