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Resources for citizen science

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'''Citizen science''' refers to the involvement, participation and engagement of citizens in local or online (global) scientific work relevant to the citizens' interests, usually as a hobby, often as a passion.  Citizen science can include such activities as: *Reviewing photographs or data online and spotting patterns, anomalies, things of interest etc.*Taking field samples in local areas such as water from creeks/rivers, monitoring air quality, listing species spotted, etc.*Going through old scientific records and finding relevant data from the past and/or digitizing data for future use*Taking measurements, keeping specific records, noting changes, etc. related to the local environment*Sharing scientific information with other citizens in layperson's terms to spread understanding and engagement*  == Resources == *'''Digital Tools for Citizen Science''' is a github curated list of awesome software and other resources to enable those who want to use scientific tools to empower communities and/or practice various forms of non-institutional science. *'''Learning through citizen science: Enhancing opportunities by design''', The National Academies Press at
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