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** To edit models see [[OpenSCAD]] and [[FreeCAD]]
** Get help or help someone else - meet at [ Makers Making Change]
** Direct link to video summary
==See also==
* [[Maximizing Returns for Public Funding of Medical Research with Open-source Hardware]]
* [[Emergence of Home Manufacturing in the Developed World: Return on Investment for Open-Source 3-D Printers]]
* [[Life-cycle economic analysis of distributed manufacturing with open-source 3-D printers]]
* [[Distributed manufacturing with 3-D printing: a case study of recreational vehicle solar photovoltaic mounting systems]]
* [[Global value chains from a 3D printing perspective]]
* [[Open-Source Three-Dimensional Printable Infant Clubfoot Brace]]
* [[3-D printing open-source click-MUAC bands for identification of malnutrition]]
* (making them)
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