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OSHE High Temperature 3D Printer

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Project Scope
Project Goals:
# Increase the maximum temperature of the 3-D printer’s tool-head
* Using an all metal hotend with thermocouple, an aluminum mounting fixture and insulated filament extrusion assembly. * Reach a hot-end extrusion temperature of 400℃ * This will allow immediate extrusion of PEEK, the highest melting polymer available.
# Build a fully enclosed, heated build chamber, and mount around existing 3-D printer frame
* Using insulation, heat lamps, resistance heaters and fans to create a low cost design for the chamber
# Finally, find ways to reduce costs further by upgrading the 3-D printer
* More efficient or lower cost heating elements
* 3-D printing directly from pellets that are orders of magnitude less expensive than buying filament.
== Bill of Materials==

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