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Community involvement

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<blockquote>"Given how radical a departure these participatory ways of working are from the closed-door status quo (or the view that participation is limited to voting and opinion polling), we cannot declare, define, and repeat often enough what it could mean to embrace collaboration and co-creation; to make consultation part of operations on a day-to-day basis; to strive for constant conversation with an engaged and knowledgeable public and to reinvent the conception of public service and of the public servant as the steward of such a conversation.." Beth Simone Noveck <ref>[https://medium.com/@bethnoveck/the-rise-of-the-citizen-expert-ffba66dea199 Medium]</ref></blockquote>
=== Research ===
Made to Measure, [http://www.participatorycity.org/made-to-measure-1 Participatory City], Year 1 Report for the EVERY ONE EVERY DAY initiative
=== Sharing ideas and actions ===

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