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Dial Indicator

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== Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions==
# Download and print the plastic components listed in the bill of materials
* Recommended: Print with a Material: PLA Layer Height: 0.25 mm Shell Thickness: 0.8 mm Fill Density: 100% infill at 0.25mm layer thickness or less, print speed may vary depending on printerPrint Speed: 50 mm/s Printing Temperature: 215 C
# Clean burrs and excess plastic from parts that may be remaining from print
# Align the corresponding components from the bill of materials to the pictures posted below while ensuring:
## All holes align
## All gears mesh together
## L# Assemble Fasteners so that the head of the screws are on the face of the indicator and washers are on both mating surfaces
# Lightly tighten fasteners so that gears spin freely with minimal slop
# Assemble needle so that needle is spaced away from dial face
# Once completed, use a protractor to mark the face of the indicator in whichever scale is desired
== Common Problems and Solutions==


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