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German chamomile

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'''German chamomile''' (''Matricaria recutita'', family ''Asteraceae''), is a highly aromatic annual herb. It has both a flavour and a scent reminiscent of apples, although slightly bitter. It is in the same family as marigolds, daisies and dandelions. Native to Europe and Western Asia,<ref name="ME"></ref>, it has escaped many a garden where settlers have roamed and can be found growing wild in many parts of the world.
German chamomile has culinary, medicinal and cultivation uses. In terms of its medical value, it has a role in calming the user, and can also relieve muscle spasms, stomachaches and can be used in poultices for skin conditions.<ref name="UMCC" />
The alternative spelling of camomile is correct as well, although the version using an "h" is more commonly found in texts and books.

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