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[ Discussion this is an answer to, since I can't edit that anymore:.]
Yes, I' know about that, but the inherent problem is that a lot of those aren't designed to work with multiple attachments, many of them being built with only one attachment, from what I could find. And in many cases, there's no "standard" to speak of, but rather they're made "by the ear", to fit _some_ thing, but not much else.
But then again, this discussion is supposed to be about bikes, not about solving poverty, or ending racism and sexism, and things like that. Those things are also doable, it's just that people don't like to talk about those, especially in the third-world country called USA, which while might have the best prices for electronics and food, have extreme cases of corporatism when it comes to the prices of health and education, and the privatization of health, education and prisons doesn't help, since all of them want to get as much money out of people and the state as possible, while offering their clients as little usefulness as possible (as per the consumerist approach to life). And it's not like someone will suddenly start learning engineering and write a book with useful technologies and as little text needed to understand the text as possible (not necessarily writing less or no text, but offering graphics with little or no text, and a dictionary page with the words used and what they could refer to, in images), so that even the people who can't read would still be able to make use of those graphics, and so that one person able to read can explain them rather quickly how things work, and if that book would be small enough to fit in a (pants) pocket, then people are more likely to carry it on their person and check when they need to solve a problem.
I digress again. Sorry for taking your time. I'm just slightly frustrated that I cannot fix those problems alone, and I can't find the people trying to fix those problems and talk to them.- Sapioit :Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The one by Dr. Job S. Ebenezer does fit many attachment through the use of a generalized belt drive, e.g. [[Standard_bicycle_with_pedal_power_attachment#Various_applications]]. I hear you on the engineering documents that are more universal, demotech has done some work on that, e.g. the step by step images at [[Weld wood]]. I hear you even more about trying to fix these problems alone. I hope you find a some people in your community to work with. I bet they are there, maybe not working directly on what you find the most interesting, but still on something that improves their community (e.g. a free food forest). Good luck! PS Sorry you can't edit that page anymore, it is probably our spam filters as we are getting hammered with spam (it is taking a lot of time daily just to keep deleting it all). If you login and edit a few more times, eventually the spam filters will stop acting so edgy with your edits. :) --[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 11:29, 19 September 2018 (PDT) :Thanks for the answer! One thing I was able to find is a Discord server for (disaster) [ preparedness] and one on [ medieval stuff], on which I can discuss and find out more about technologies which could level up either civilizations or groups of people. For example, in my part of the world, people went straight from wells with a bucket and a crank to for the rope to coil around a tube (so the bucket can get up and down as we rotate the crank), to electric pumps, without the intermediary usage of crank pumps or treadle pump, even though that would reduce the effort needed to pump water, as well as make it kid-friendly. Around here, people in the countryside (rural areas) use bikes, but not load trikes (or freight trikes, instead they jumped right to cars, and there are a lot of things which could cheaply increase their living standards, which don't use either because they don't know, because they can't simply and cheaply find, and because nobody did around them before, so they can ask how well it's working out for them. And the mayor... well, let's say the mayor can't really be counted on. - Sapioit == Another thing... == Another thing I would suggest you to put on your front page is a recommendation for poor people who have enough classes to read, write, and do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, to research and learn practical skills online, like engineering, permaculture, disaster preparedness, economics, psychology, and a lot of different tech and how it works and how it can be simplified or be done with cheaper materials even if it's less efficient.  A few examples would be:  * pedal-powered thin cars, about two thirds of a small car, or half a small car that is larger. Or just adding a frame and some covering for load trikes / freight trikes, so it can protect against the elements, while you're carrying cargo and perhaps passengers.* solar panels made out of some stainless metal sheet, some black-painted metal piping and either a stirling engine with a generator, or a few peltier modules in a box protected from the elements.* using soilcrete/dirtcrete/rammed-earth and/or aerated-concrete/aircrete to build cheaply.* choose learning online over the internet, instead for paying a lot of money for going to university, and make your own classes of people who meet daily in the same place to learn together and teach eachother. Sure, a teacher might be needed from time to time, to answer your questions, but places like quora and some forums and sites for asking questions are really good for finding answers, although most of them use english, which should be the third thing thought, in order of priority, after your language and math, followed shortly by engineering which shall be taught initially instead of english, so the people can see results for themselves, and after teaching english to the point where people can understand, read, write and speak it, teach a bit more engineering in english, and leave them to reorganize themselves to learn other things they want to learn. - sapioit : Hi, Lonny. Did you get my message? [[User:CupcakeCutey|CupcakeCutey]] ([[User talk:CupcakeCutey|talk]]) 13:43, 25 September 2018 (PDT):: Hi. Yep and responded. --[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 18:55, 25 September 2018 (PDT) ==Question from Dove==: Hi, Lonny. I'm Dove. It appears that you are the cofounder. I am a very helpful user here, who has welcomed over 200 users in the space of a week and has done almost 500 edits. I am interested in anti-vandalism work. I have created [[:Category:Appropedians]], [[:Category:Female Appropedians]], [[:Category:Male Appropedians]], [[:Category:Appropedians in the United Kingdom]] and [[:Category:Appropedia rollbackers]]. Is that okay with you? I'd just thought of letting you know just to be honest and not go behind your back without telling you. Cheers! I'm looking forward to start working with you! [[User:Dove|Dove]] ([[User talk:Dove|talk]]) 05:04, 22 November 2018 (PST) ::Hi Dove,::Thank you for greeting people and for your edits. Also thank you for your question. In my opinion those pages are not appropriate or useful. Appropedians are already grouped in the userspace, and there is no reason to try to separate them into a limited/binary two sexes. I would appreciate you removing the categories. Thank you for your continued welcomes and edits.::--[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 08:03, 22 November 2018 (PST) : Okay. Could we just keep [[:Category:Appropedians]] and delete the rest? It sound so much better! Plus, I am really interested in anti-vandalism work too. [[User:Dove|Dove]] ([[User talk:Dove|talk]]) 08:15, 22 November 2018 (PST) ::Hi Dove, Thanks. There is already the list of all users. How would the Appropedians category be different and how would it be used?::--[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 10:21, 22 November 2018 (PST) ==Asking to become an admin and reply to the last question from Lonny==:Well, with Wikipedia, they are known as Wikipedians. Appropedia has ''pedia'' in it, it would be cool to known as appropedians on appropedia. It will have a full list of appropedians on that category. Cool, huh? Plus, can I become an admin on [[Appropedia]]. I love this site, and how it is having more and more users here, I'm am becoming a bit concerned about there could be some vandals and sockpuppets here, I want to help and keep this website safe. I'm already have experience as a admin on Wikipedia. Can I become an admin/beauricat? [[User:Dove|Dove]] ([[User talk:Dove|talk]]) 05:22, 25 November 2018 (PST)  :Lonny there is a sockpuppetry between [[User:NimaKhoshbakht]] and [[User:Arashooter]], plus [[User:Arashooter]] has put an article up about himself that is not part of our mission. His user page needs deleting as I have requested for speedy deletion and he needs to be blocked for spamming and abusing multiple accounts. [[User:Dove|Dove]] ([[User talk:Dove|talk]]) 08:46, 5 December 2018 (PST) :Hi Dove,:I have deleted that page. Also, I am mostly certain (and our IT agrees), that these sockpuppet accounts, including Arashooter are all you. Can I ask what you are hoping to accomplish, if this is true? I appreciate all of your welcome messages to users. I also appreciate many of your space removing and wikicode edits (although be careful as the spaces you deleted from [[3D Metal Printing Slicer Plugin]] were supposed to be there). Your actions through your many previous accounts are getting more and more useful (and much less destructive). Can I help you continue?:Thanks, --[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 19:42, 7 December 2018 (PST) ==Want to be an admin==Lonny, I really want to become an admin! [[User:Dove|Dove]] ([[User talk:Dove|talk]]) 02:36, 8 December 2018 (PST) : I understand that. What is your account on Wikipedia? Also, please see my previous comments regarding this. Thanks, --[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 14:34, 8 December 2018 (PST) : My Wikipedia account is [[:User:BrownHairedGirl]]. I don't really find it fair that you just hand out the offers to users that becomes admins. I love this website so much. I want to help protect it. Plus, I'm going to continue my hard work! [[User:Dove|Dove]] ([[User talk:Dove|talk]]) 02:15, 11 December 2018 (PST)::Hi Dove, I am sorry to do this...but you consistently engage in sockpuppetry. Your edits were mostly helpful this time around, but your lack of honesty and randomly aggressive edits have forced us to block you again. User:BrownHairedGirl has some harsh words at Please see my last comments asking you to explain your actions. I hope you find what you are looking for and a healthier way to get it. --[[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User talk:Lonny|talk]]) 01:52, 13 December 2018 (PST)

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