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AthenaII Software

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# [[File:athenaII_cura_machine_settings.png|thumb|right|Machine settings.]] Set all X ()width), Y (Depth) and Z (Height) to 210 mm. Uncheck Heated bed and clear all of the text from the Start G-code and End G-code text boxes.{{clear}}
# [[File:athenaII_cura_extruder_settings.png|thumb|right|Extruder settings.]] Click on the Extruder tab in the Machine Setting dialog. Set the nozzle size to 0.4 mm and the Compatible material diameter to 1.75 mm. Close both the open menu dialogs.{{clear}}
# [[File:athenaII_cura_preferences.png|thumb|right|Preferences.]] Open the Preferences from the file menuitem, select General and uncheck Slice Automatically.{{clear}}# [[File:athenaII_cura_view.png|thumb|right|Set visible tools.]] Open Settings>Configure setting visibility... In the upper leftright, select Basic from the drop down list, and close the dialog.{{clear}}
# [[File:athenaII_cura_layer_height.png|thumb|right|Set layer height to 0.25 mm.]] In the settings bar on the right side of the window, expand Quality and set Layer Height to 0.25 mm.{{clear}}
# [[File:athenaII_cura_infill.png|thumb|right|Set infill to 25%.]] Expand Infill and set Infill Density to 25%.{{clear}}
==Slicing a File==
# The first file to print will be an Upper Michigan key chain. Right click on the following link, and open in new tab: [ Upper Michigan Keychain]. Once there, click on THING FILE and find the yooper_peninsulaa.stl file and click on it to begin the download. If a dialogue box opens, select "Save As".
# [[File:AthenaII_cura_load.png|thumb|right|The "Load File" button on Cura.]] Start Cura, and press the "Load File" button located on the top left of the object view window.{{clear}}
# [[File:AthenaII_cura_load_2.png|thumb|right|The load file screen that opens.]] An "Open 3D Model" dialogue box opens. Navigate to where the file to print is saved (The Upper Michigan Keychain should be located in the downloads folder), and click "Open"{{clear}}# [[File:AthenaII_cura_load_3AthenaII_cura_prepare.png|thumb|right|The model is loaded into Cura, and "Save Toolpath" Click the Prepare button is highlighted.]] The model should load into Cura. Now press Click the "Save Toolpath" Prepare button located to in the lower, right of corner. Cura will slice the "Load File" model and replace the Prepare button with a Sav button.{{clear}}# [[File:AthenaII_cura_toolpath_save_2.png|thumb|right|The save file screen that opensSave the g-code.]] A dialogue box opens If a button saying Save to save Removable Drive appears, click the filedown arrow next to it and select Save to File. Press "Save" and the file is now ready g-code to be printeda memorable location.{{clear}}
==Starting a Print==
# [[File:Athena_franklin_temp_2.png|thumb|right|The current temperature and what it should be]] '''BEFORE THE FIRST PRINT,''' check to make sure that the thermistor is working properly. This can be checked by looking at the current temperature located on the left middle of the page. It should read within 5 to 10 degrees of 20. (depending on room temperature). If it reads a negative number, then there is something wrong with the thermistor.{{clear}}
# Using a gluestick, apply a thin layer of glue to the mirror that covers the whole mirror. See this [ video by rm2kdev] for reference.
# [[File:Athena_franklin_browse.png|thumb|right|The location of "Browse" button. (It may be a "Choose File" button)]] Open Franklin, and locate the "Browse" button. '''The "Browse" button may be a "Choose File" instead!''' {{clear}}
# [[File:Athena_franklin_browse_load.png|thumb|right|The "Browse" dialogue box.]] A dialogue box opens. Navigate to where the .gcode file from Cura is saved. Load the File. The filename should appear to the right of the Browse/Choose File button. {{clear}}


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