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AthenaII Final Mechanical

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|[[Athena_Printed_Parts#glass_hold_down|Printed glass hold down]]
|3|-|#6 x 1/2" sheet metal screw|8
# [[File:athenaII_attach_spool_holder.JPG|thumb|right|Attach the spool holder.]] Run all of the wires down the right side of the vertical board, pulling them towards the bottom of the frame. Secure the wires in place with the spool holder, placed about halfway between the extruder drive and the bottom of the printer. Secure the spool holder with two #6 x 1/2" sheet metal screws.{{clear}}
# [[File:athenaII_attach_wire_retainer.JPG|thumb|right|Secure wires at base of vertical board.]] With the wire retainer and a #6 x 1/2" sheet metal screw, secure all of the wires at the base of the vertical board.{{clear}}
# [[File:athenaII_attach_mirror.JPG|thumb|right|Secure the mirror to the base.]] The base is just large enough for the 10" mirror. Align the mirror and secure in place with the three printed glass hold downs and #6 x 1/2" sheet metal screws.{{clear}}

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