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Washing and drying clothes

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It may be possible to build an appropriate technology spin dryer.
*Depending on just what you have in mind, a simple [[centrifuge]] to extract "most" of the water from the clothes should be one of the simplest possible human-powered devices. One needs only a circular "cage" mounted on an axis (horizontally would probably be best), and a bicycle-chain, drive shaft, or even a rope "belt" around pulleys from the power source. [[Pedal power]] would be ideal, but even a handcrank should work with this. -- [[User:Writtenonsand|Writtenonsand]] 15:07, 5 March 2008 (PST)
However, the best solution may be the one which was popular in Western countries before washing machines became popular, i.e. the mangle or {{WP|clothes wringer}}, in which clothes are passed between two rollers which squeeze them tightly.


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