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Solar Pura: High-efficiency vertical solar still

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=== Absorber ===
Part of my earlier research looked into simple cost effective solar selective surface design. Selective surfaces are special materials that absorb the solar light spectrum very efficiently and emit it out at very low rates. They are very important in high efficiency solar technology however many of the products are proprietary or very expensive. So I looked into the academic research and found that coating a piece of aluminum with a resin infused with finely crushed charcoal to be a very good selective surface. I tried many resins with polyurethane being the highest performing but also somewhat prone to cracking if it gets too hot. Polyethylene is good to buy but dries very glossy, decreasing quality. I measured temperatures over 80 degrees Celsius on the back of the absorber plate on this prototype(without wicks)
[[File:SelectiveSurfacing.jpeg|thumb|right|DIY selective surface]]
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