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* L.Y. Beeker, Adam M. Pringle, Joshua M. Pearce. [ Open-source parametric 3-D printed slot die system for thin film semiconductor processing]. ''Additive Manufacturing'' 20 (in press2018) 90–100. [ open access]
** open hardware source code - Open Source 3-D Printable Slot Die.
** [[Franklin]] firmware
* [[RepRap]]
* [[Free and Open-source Control Software for 3-D Motion and Processing]]
* [[Ystruder: open source multifunction extruder with sensing and monitoring capabilities]]
==In the News==
* Michigan Tech's open-source parametric 3D printed slot die system is 17,000% cheaper than commercial ones [ 3Ders]
* Michigan Tech的开源参数3D打印槽模具系统比商业产品便宜17,000% [ 3D Wang]
* 17,000% Cost Reduction with Open Source 3D Printing: Michigan Tech Study Showcases Parametric 3D Printed Slot Die System - [ 3D Print]
* 研究员开发出比商业产品便宜17,000%的开源参数化3D打印槽模系统 - [ 3D Hoo]
* 研究員開發出比商業產品便宜17,000%的開源參數化3D列印槽模系統 -[ KK News]
* Michigan Technological University per il sistema di fustellatura a fessura con stampa 3D parametrica open source per l’elaborazione di semiconduttori a film sottile - [ Stampare in 3D]
* Open Source 3D printing cuts cost from $4,000 to only $0.25 says new study - [ 3D Printing Industry]

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