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Building a Better Windmill

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Project goals
== Project goals ==
Let's start a project to design a better windmill to overcome the above problems. We can fork off several different design paths and then kaizen (from the Japanese: to continuously improve our designs over time. Each design should be appropriate for a single family home. Our designs should be constructible using readily available tools, whether purchased or rented as well as non-exotic materials. There are existing low cost windmill designs on Appropedia for developing nations , so let's design for first world nations, meaning that we will allow the use of more sophisticated tools such as 3D printers or CNC machine tools , and that we are more interested in efficiency than getting the cost as low as possible. Each windmill should produce appreciable power at as low a wind speed as possible , at low heights above the ground (people, pets and property need to be protected from spinning blades and other moving parts) , but still withstand high winds. Short towers to raise blades out of harms way are okay. If possible , designs should be able to make use of gusting winds from changing directions. Designs should include specifications of needed electronics to interface to the grid, or supply 120V 60Hz power off grid, or provide standard power for countries outside of North America. We can separate the electronics from the mechanical design so that designs can share electronics. Blueprints and build instructions should be included in finished designs.
== Designs ==

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