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Using solid state lighting

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Benefits of Solid State Lighting
=Benefits of Solid State Lighting=
In times like these, scientists have been able to utilize LED lights for more than just everyday bulb replacements. With the people working for the [[Light Up the World Foundation]], solid state lighting is now helping out thousands of people who don't have the proper means of getting artificial lighting. The foundation has been able to provide a simple technology using solid state lighting and LED lamps to under developed countries. Using a special design, the benefits of the lamps range from low maintenance to providing long lasting light. The reason this program is so beneficial is because having proper lighting will not only allow more work to be done to help families , but to also provide protection to communities that are potentially dangerous at night. The lighting used by the foundation is fairly simple to set up and does not need any form of electricity to work, but instead uses solar [[photovoltaic]] panels. The foundation will provide a kit that gets sent to different countries in need and there can then be assembled there in the appropriate way. The best and most beneficial part of these systems is how positively they effect the environment. With low energy and very little pollution, they provide clean energy lighting that can last up to a year without replacement.
==Components Used==

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