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Updated cooking methods in modern kitchens

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Eggs, Microwaved
Place the cup inside the microwave and turn it on full power for 10 seconds. leave it to rest for 10 seconds. It can be very hot. Then take it out carefully to check. (You can stir around a little again with the fork or spoon, for the scrambled egg result). Then place the cup once again in the oven to reheat for 10 more seconds on full power. Repeat until desired hardness. Stop the oven immediately if you hear any sputtering sounds, to prevent you from having to clean the entire inside of the ovens walls. Too much microwave will result in big egg explosions. It will become very hot!
Next With the next egg you cook , you will probably be able to increase decrease the cooking time with a few seconds on the first and second heating session. Continue practicing until you received the most appropriate appropriately cooked egg.
''with my microwave it takes 2 sessions of 25 seconds each @ 1280W, approximate electricity use roughly 1cent is 1 cent per egg, not including the cost for the microwave. And all All i have to clean is one cup and one spoon, no pots or pans to wash up. So a big save of hot water and detergent also.''
=== Oatmeal porridge ===

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