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The most valuable resource of a rural person or [[community ]] is the land, in effect its [[soils]]. These may be under mechanical cultivation, untilled [[permaculture]], in [[pasture ]] or in native [[forest ]] but if the agriculturist does not properly protect and improve his soils, his intention of forever producing food or other products based on these soils, is a lost battle to start with.
One first produces a healthy soil then you ask of the soil what you want as to planted crops. If you realize that farming or gardening is basically the cultivation of a healthy soil, your chances of success have increased tremendously. The term ‘healthy soil' is literal for the soil is a complex living ecosystem. If the soil is given strong chemical fertilizers[[fertilizer]]s, at first crops will grow wonderfully, but then as certain organisms in the soil are discouraged and others are over stimulated, the soil will become completely unbalanced resulting in weakening crops. If even more fertilizer is added in an attempt to remedy this problem, the soil's health will be even further damaged until the soil can become useless.
Here we will give information and request experiences of those working the soil, on organic levels and soil structure, watering, soil remineralization, effective microorganisms and related topics. Good farming!

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