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* Dhwani K. Trivedi and Joshua M. Pearce. [ Open Source 3-D Printed Nutating Mixer]. ''Applied Sciences'', 2017, 7(9), 942; doi:10.3390/app7090942 [ open access]
* [ Repository contains all source code], paper contains instructions* Quick download of stls []and FreeCAD files:
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!<big>Mix and ShakeOpen Source 3-D Printed Nutating Mixer</big>
|<center>{{#widget:YouTube|id=cj2Bp5qAUJAj2lg2GZs5lI}} </center>
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* [[Open Source Laboratory Sample Rotator Mixer and Shaker]]
* [[Open-source syringe pump]]
* [[Open Source Digitally Replicable Lab-Grade Scales]]
== News==* Michigan engineers design open source 3D printed rotating lab mixer - [ 3Ders]* 美国工程师研发开源3D打印旋转搅拌机 [ GongKong] (China Industrial Network)* 密歇根州工程师设计开源3D打印旋转搅拌机 CC4CC]
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