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Sharing news

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[[File:Israel1Totnes High Street.jpg|240px|left]]'''Dec 7''' [[IsraelTotnes]]: New Report Highlights the Role ShareFest brings people together to share, repair, swap and make <ref>[ Network of Wellbeing]</ref><br clear=all> == 2018 == [[SharingFile:Penang hill funicular railway.jpg|140px|left]] From community gardens to coworking spaces, here are 7 sharing groups in Promoting [[Urban sustainabilityMalaysia]], Jul 24 Nov 21 <ref>[http Shareable]</ref><br clear=all> [[File:KyotoAutumn.jpg|140px|left]]How [[Japan]] is working towards creating a true sharing economy, Nov 19 <ref>[ Shareable]</ref><br clear=all> [[File:Mulini di bodrum 03.JPG|140px|left]][[Turkey]]: How simple acts of sharing abound during Eid Al-highlightsAdha, Aug 28 <ref>[ Shareable]</ref><br clear=all> [[File:India2.jpg|140px|left]][[India news]]: In India, Seva Cafe inspires generosity with its pay-it-forward model, Jan 31 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref><br clear=left> [[File:Israel1.jpg|140px|left]]5 community sharing projects in [[Israel]] and the [[West Bank]], Jan 9 <ref>[ israel @Shareable]</ref><br clear=left>
== 2017 ==
[[File:Critical Mass Chicago 050826.jpg|140px|left]]
5 Reasons Why [[Chicago]] is a Burgeoning Sharing City, Oct 26 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref><br clear=left>
[[File:Cycle repairing.jpg|140px|left]]
[[China news]]: “China’s Sharing Economy: What Is Going On?” by @aprilrinne, Aug 20 <ref>[]</ref><br clear=left>
[[California news]]: Check Out Toy Cycle, a New Platform for Families to Swap Toys, Aug 7 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref><br clear=left>
[[Israel]]: New Report Highlights the Role of [[Sharing]] in Promoting [[Urban sustainability]], Jul 24 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref><br clear=left>
[[File:Göteborg Vasagatan.jpg|140px|left]]
== Comment ==
[[File:14 juillet mezeray.JPG|240px|left]]
'''Apr 29''' [[Arts, sport and culture]]: Building a fair art market in a sharing economy <ref>[ Shareable]</ref><br clear=all>
[[File:Everglades and Turner River.jpg|140px|left]]
[[Florida]]: Miami's sharing potential, Apr 17 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref><br clear=left>
Shareable readers share their views on communal living, Mar 12 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref>
11 core principles for Sharing Cities, Feb 12 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref>
Concrete examples for utopian ideals: how the Sharing Cities movement is paving the way, Dec 13 <ref>[ @OuiShare]</ref>
How to give the gift of FUN, Nov 29 <ref>[]</ref>
Reverse Advent: The calendar that gives something back, Dec 1 <ref>[]</ref>
The Embassy Network Fosters a Multifaceted Approach to Shared Living, Aug 2 <ref>[ @Shareable]</ref>
GIFT film tells the story of sharing around the world, Jun 29 <ref>[ @creativecommons]</ref>

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